Monday, April 3, 2017

Monday, Monday

The Bible Study I've been attending on Tuesdays finished up today. Yes, I know this is Monday, but our group leader had a scheduling conflict so we moved it to today. While I know timing wise it's the perfect time to take a break, I'm really going to miss meeting with these ladies. It's been a great group, and a good study. I look forward to finishing the book in the fall.

My original plan for today had been to work some in the garden today and get some things done before the rain started. But when I stopped at Ken's Produce on the way home, two unplanned things happened. One, the bales of hay I needed to purchase were out. Two, they had tomato seedlings in 4pks for $2.00. I usually wait until later in April to purchase my tomato plants from Lowe's or Home Depot. You can get a qt pot for about $2.50.  So these are nowhere near the same size that I normally get, but I figured since things have been SO warm this year and I'm planting a lot earlier, it's okay to go with smaller plants. Yes. I'm a sucker for a bargain. Except in order to get the varieties I wanted, I had to get more plants. Last year I went with 8 plants and it was the perfect amount for us. I think I planted 12 today, taking up some of my pea space, and I still have a few seedlings left. I could plant them beside the house or along the privacy fence, but then they're exposed to my crazy chickens who dig and claw around plants, leaving them horizontal on the ground. So I'm not sure where I'll put the extras. But I'm still ahead in the cost department. :)

Since I really needed to get the straw out before the rain arrived, we headed to Hudson's Hardware after I got home. They had the straw. We brought our three bales home, got them out of the van, swept the van, then had a very shocking discovery.  There were two baby bunnies sitting on the newspaper in the garden beside the last bale of straw. I'm not kidding. We don't know if they came home in the bales, or if they hopped out from under the shed...but there they my garden to be. So with thoughts of Mr. McGregor and Peter Rabbit, I pulled out the rabbit cage from many years ago, prepped the bedding for it, and nervously headed near the garden with a net. One immediately hopped away and hid between the old dog pen and the garden gate. So I went for the closer one, gently tapped his bottom but he hopped through the net (which unbeknownst to me had a hole or two in it), across the garden, out the garden fence, and under the privacy fence onto the school property. When I turned to the second bunny, I actually had my hand on his hind quarters, but I didn't want to squeeze it too hard and the rascal wiggled out and hopped under the little shed. They're cute as all get all, but I'm not thrilled with the idea of two critters helping themselves to my garden. I'm contemplating placing poultry netting along the edges of all my garden fence to help deter them. I know they'll simply tunnel under, but it might at least slow them down long enough that I can get at least some food from the garden.

If that was not crazy enough, the cabbage head that has been growing so nicely in one of my planters...the geese have discovered it and have sheered two of its sides. Grrrr...

And instead of finishing up my to do list for today we tackled the penning the animals up (not quite successful with 3 of the chickens) as the work on our driveway begins tomorrow. I have to remind myself that it's really not necessary to do everything all at once in the garden. Spring crops don't normally go in until the middle of the month. I'm only doing things early because the temps have been so unusually warm this year.

Then some things came up with a family I sometimes help. I now have two days set aside this week helping with some unexpected health issues they have. I'm thankful I can help, but I also know that's going to really cut down on how much I can get done here at home this week. One step at a time...that's all I need to focus on...

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