Thursday, April 26, 2012

one year ago today

Twenty years ago, if you stood on Greene Avenue in Cordova, Alabama, you would see a canopy of trees, not houses. Thanks to two different tornadoes one year ago today, this is the view you see. The mass of trees hiding periodic houses is gone.

Meanwhile, Bo Jackson (Auburn alumni and Heisman trophy winner) has begun the 5 day, 300 mile ride through Alabama in hopes of raising 1 million to help restore  places like Cordova that were wiped out. Four of the names on his bike (Jackson VanHorn, age 24 you'll see on the video) were from Cordova. Students will be remembering two of those from their school, Bankhead Middle (where my nephew attends) today as well.

Thoughts and prayers going out to so many who have lost so much and are still struggling. I look forward to the day I can post that the drug store and "The Pig" (the town's grocery store) have been rebuilt.