Thursday, June 21, 2018


At 9:00 this morning...

This window has been "closed" this way since April.
 I've had 3 layers of plastic taped over it, as well as the curtain closed over
 this one window to help keep heat and air both in and out. 
 By 3pm this afternoon:

We've had extra heavy curtains up every since the school was built to block some of the street lights at night (I can see my way to the bathroom without any light whatsoever!), but I've really enjoyed having the fresh sunlight shining in the room. Even when the curtains are open, it still gives the room a heavier and more closed look. I'm seriously rethinking my curtains before I go to the trouble of washing, re-installing the brackets, and hanging them.  There may be more change coming in this department...or not.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

still unfinished

 I've yet to haul off the boards from the old hen house. A few on the ground are salvageable and after I get the garage cleaned out (Thurs or Fri?) I'll be ready to haul them off to the dump. I waited because my finger was messed up and it wasn't up to that yet, then life has been busy. I really don't want to go to the landfill on a Saturday as the lines are so long on the weekend, so if I have to wait until next week to borrow a pickup and go, that's okay with me. But hopefully soon...

And I still need to finish the trim on the doors and the edging around back so the house will be totally finished. The window guys are coming tomorrow Thursday though (we had some window sills rot out and come apart in April, and the windows are FINALLY in) so I don't want to do anything that would require a shower or in-depth clean-up since they'll be working in our bedroom (and our bathroom connects to that - with no door - an accessibility thing). Today is the hopefully the last major day for weeding in the garden and corn area.

This has been my first full week at home since the middle of May, and I must say I've enjoyed the productivity, even if I am totally exhausted. I'm blaming the exhaustion on the heat. :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


First zucchini will be ready soon!

Straw bales aren't as prolific as they've been in the past, but still doing well.

Added 2 high wires to tie up tomatoes today. Still need to do a little pruning around the edges and bottoms.

Our voluntary pumpkin is NOT liking this heat!!!

2nd tomato row- first and last plant aren't thriving like the others

green beans...finally getting some blooms, so maybe we'll have some in a few weeks
(and I'll add the plants the geese ate, while growing, aren't blooming yet)

Our solitary pumpkin