Tuesday, April 25, 2017

the rains came down and...

In our new church building, one of the artists has painted/illustrated children's songs along the walls. One of them is "The wise man built his house upon the rock".  Before two of our three year olds moved into their classroom, they had a LOT of questions about that song. Evidently it was new to them. And with all the rain we've had the last two days, I found myself humming it this morning. Which then made me think of the kids from church, which had me smiling.

 On either side of our driveway is a HUGE puddle. The geese are using it as their pretend pond, and instead of bathing in the real pond, they did it beside the driveway this morning.

 And all this rain has helped the first planting of green beans to come up. This one's little head is barely poking above water.
 Above is the whole row...in their river.
 And a few of the beans planted Friday didn't stay submerged in the ground, or else I missed some while covering them. But it was cool to see the few that were above ground but underwater sprouting.
And we have a few gullies beside the new driveway. I'm hoping once the grass seed takes root this won't be a problem anymore, but we'll see.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

I can't believe I did that...

In all the craziness and upheaval of this week, I forgot I had a hair appointment today. Who forgets a hair appointment? Granted, compared to grieving parents and sick friends and a broken wheelchair hair is nothing, but I can only think of one other time in my life when I've forgotten about an appointment I had.

So tomorrow when I get home from our Quilts of Valor meeting and before the yardwork begins, I need to call my hairdresser tomorrow and beg forgiveness and ask for a reschedule.

On the flip side, while Bobby was at his meeting this morning I was able to go to the nearby Wal-mart and pick up a few things we needed, including tomato cages. Between appointments I was able to get all of them in the ground (though I'm still 3 short) and witness my dog chasing a rabbit around the shed. Earlier this week we saw an eagle dive for what we thought was a fish, but it came with up with a very long, wriggly thing. Do eagles eat snakes? If that is what it was, I'm very thankful it got it.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

chair shopping

One of the motors in Bobby's chair died yesterday morning, so between texting family and phone calls from a friend in the hospital, we spent the day on the phone with insurance companies and medical supply companies. The company he has used for the last 30+ years is not taking our insurance. Hence all the phone calls. At some point toward the evening I started researching new chairs. We hope to know something tomorrow about whether or not his chair can be repaired and if so, will insurance cover it. Everything is so different with medicare. I'm just hoping whatever route we go everything can be completed by the end of May. Either way, it would be nice if we could have enough of an answer tomorrow to know whether or not to move the chair that is supposed to go into the driver's place in the van in its spot. Meanwhile, I miss his independence. It's the little things, like going to get his clothes off the closet door and they're not there because I didn't think to push him to the closet last night so he could pick them out. And we need to add an extra five minutes before we go anywhere so there will be time to get his manual chair tied down before leaving and untied upon arriving. None of those things are hard, but it makes me realize how much freedom he loses when he's not in his power chair and just how much I take for granted.