Thursday, October 12, 2017


Last Friday I turned in my quilt to the state fair. Judging was this past Tuesday. The first time I entered into the fair, I didn't know they posted winners on line, and it was several days after opening before I could go, and one of my friends told me on Facebook. I was thrilled beyond measure to find out I had placed (that was a 4th place in first time entry/beginner category). I had not expected anything at all. And several years have passed and I've not managed to enter anything since. So I've been stalking the website waiting for an answer. Tonight only the fair opened from 3pm until midnight and tickets were $1.50 in honor of it being the 150th anniversary of the state fair. So we went tonight, hoping it wouldn't rain and wouldn't be overly crowded, as we really didn't want to pay full price nor go on a weekend day with all the crowd. Not all the exhibits were open, nor some of the competitions (great pumpkins and watermelons were still being weighed, and pumpkin carving hadn't started yet, nor were flowers open), but I was glad we went, especially since when we got home I found out winner competitions on the website have not been updated yet. So had we not gone I would not have known all.

I could tell my quilt had a ribbon while we were standing in line for the cake decorating exhibit (thanks to my crazy binding!!) And here it is hanging... 2nd place in Original Pattern Category. First place was machine appliqued owls which was wonderful.
The man showing the quilts didn't pause long between quilts nor move out of the way much so it was hard to get pics. There were many incredible quilts, but I was only able to capture two others of the many that I liked.
 This one was so bright and cheerful, and I love that they used traditional blocks in solid colors, and yet it looks so modern.  So many of these quilts used the flying geese blocks, and I could just hear Mary Booth saying "OHhhh! TRIANGLES!!! NOT for me!! I simply cannot do them!" Conquering the flying geese block (the triangles pointing in one direction) is on my list for 2018.

I don't know what category this is in (wall hanging section), but I absolutely loved it. I've never seen anything like this. It's a mixture of applique, piecing, art quilt, and I imagine it's an original pattern. Everyone loved it that was watching as the quilts were turned.

So we've been, ate all the foods we could stomach (frog legs, Amish donut, Thanksgiving dinner egg roll, collard bites which I don't recommend, and a deep fried candy bar. I'm tired, but glad we went.

Monday, October 9, 2017


Friday afternoon I took photographs, then we drove to the educational buildings of the state fairgrounds where I turned in a quilt. Hooray!!! I've been waiting to upload pics and and information ever since then, and thought I'd be able to tomorrow afternoon/evening since the judging takes places tomorrow morning for the category I entered. Today I just "happened" to check the website, and it says competition results will not be posted until the fair starts Thursday afternoon. WHAT?!?! I am SO disappointed! I thought I would know something tomorrow night and would be able to show pictures then as well!!! So I guess you'll have to wait until Thursday evening.

Meanwhile, Bobby got a good report from the foot doctor today, and that's one less visit we'll now have to make.

We lost a young rooster (one a momma hen hatched earlier in the spring) last night.

Visited a 2nd woodwind shop this morning only to find it was closed on of these days I WILL get my clarinet checked out!!!

And that's all the exciting news in our household.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017



 90 homes      Glenn Creek Subdivision
212 homes      Royal Oaks Subdivision
115 homes      Clifford Grove Subdivision

  41 homes      Unnamed Bryan Rd Subdivision

215 homes      Unnamed Ackerman/Hebron Church Rd Subdivision
112 townhomes

785 "new" families within 2 miles of our house within 2 years

And there's still part of a farm up for sale. (No, not my mother-in-law's).

Our world will not be the same.