Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Despite all my yearnings for more cooler temps, despite what the calendar says, nature is screaming "It's spring!" I was able to finish pruning one line of grape vines today, and they were weeping with each major cut (which means their juices are NOT lying dormant!). Sweet gum and oak trees are budding, tulips and crocuses are popping up their heads, our late daffodils are up (we have one set that comes in January like they should and the other doesn't appear until February), and we had our first goose egg today.

This Saturday marks the first meeting for election trainers. Thankfully we have two weeks or so before we have to start with staff presentations, and actual classes won't start for another week or two after that, but just the fact that it is here reminds me that life is about to get busier. I'm excited about working again, even if it just a few hours each week, but primary elections are my least favorite. I'm having a hard time mustering up excitement for this round. Hopefully once we have the run-through I'll feel more excited about the process. I need to write a bio for powerpoint they show before classes, and I'm having the hardest time writing it. There's nothing about myself that I really care to write for the world to read. I thought about copying my blog bio, but I know they won't use that. Religion and politics are taboo subjects.

Many family and friends struggling with illness and unusual situations right now. The flu has been very bad in AL this year, my niece and a young woman at church are having difficult or high risk pregnancies, and so many others are suffering and grieving. And yet, with the death of Billy Graham, it was a refreshing reminder that death is sometimes welcome. He definitely lived an "abundant" life, and I know that although his family will miss him terribly, they're rejoicing that he is not suffering anymore.

It's late, so I'm signing off....

Monday, February 19, 2018

coops, plans, and thoughts...

We have two chicken coops, and both of them are in need of repair before we head into the spring season. Biddies go on sale at various places a week from today, and we normally move them into the smaller coop outside when they're between 2-3 weeks old (depending on the weather, etc). So I'm on the fence between trying my hand at repairing the smaller coop and building a pen myself or purchasing one. I'm feeling my ignorance and inadequacies greatly as I there's so much about wood and building that I don't know. I don't want to waste my time and money on supplies to build something that won't hold up, but I also don't want to lose biddies to snakes, rats, raccoons, or hawks. So there's a lot to research and think about during the next few weeks.

It's also getting closer to time to start planting early peas and putting up fences and such for the garden to be planted in March and April. So while people around me are moaning and groaning for warming weather, I'm inwardly panicking and saying "NO! Not yet! I want 3 months of no yard work!!!!"  But I don't think nature really cares what I think.

And in case I forget to post pics another day this week....we had two hawks at the house this morning. One is the larger one I photographed last week, and the other one is the smaller one we've been seeing for some time.  Time marches on...

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

oh my!

This morning we got up earlier than normal, and I pulled the curtains back so Bobby could see the fog, and was greeted with this guy:

He appears much larger/fatter than he was last month, and I'm wondering if his swollen chest might have something do with our missing chickens. Usually hawks only eat the pullet sized (teenagers) chicks or younger, but we had three grown chickens go missing last week. He can eat all the squirrels he wants (and there's still plenty hanging around), but leave my birds alone!
 Though I suppose it's possible there are more than one, and this is just the grandpa/grandma of the flock.
And the view above is not zoomed in on the bird, but from the kitchen window. And for those of you wondering, no neither the dogs nor the chickens were in the dog pen.