Friday, April 20, 2018

one wreck photo

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We will probably never know what happened that day, other than the fact God miraculously protected. This is the passenger side of the truck. My uncle and Charley's father-in-law took pics of the truck this afternoon. There was only one from inside that they've felt free to share on FB, and judging by that one, I understand why they think the other inside pics are too graphic. I am just SO amazed that he is only going home with bruises, staples in his head, and a blood spot on the brain.

Meanwhile prayers are still going up for other family members and friends who are struggling and hurting in various ways in their lives. Life in this broken world is not always easy.


Monday night was awful. Tuesday was a hallelujah day. Wednesday was awful, then by Wednesday evening things finally started calming down for my cousin. We are rejoicing, even though we know there is still a very long road ahead. This is what his wife posted on FB around 3:30NC time today:

Today’s Update: Great news, we’re going home 🎉!!! He’s still hurting terribly, but we’ve gotten all the answers we need and he is seizure activity free. Memory will come back slowly. There’s a lot of details, but he’s ok. Spots on the brain will heal and so will the rest of him. No driving for a long time. He will gradually be back to normal. Words cannot explain how thankful we are for your prayers. ❤️ Monday, we were at Twin Cities thinking Dad had an aneurism when I found out about Charley’s accident. Both of the closest men in my life are safe and healthy. We are blessed.
From this picture to this picture in 4 1/2 days...

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sI am still
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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

chick update

The biddies are almost all feathered (meaning no more heat lamp). Hooray! We're letting them out a little more, but still cautious because of the hawks that fly around (though they've yet to catch a squirrel!). They enjoy their free range time, and venturing out around the house more. 

When laying hens face trauma, it's not unusual for them to quit laying for 2-3 days. We knew our injured hen would not lay for quite a while (her butt feathers/fuzz are growing back but her tail is still bare), but we've been disappointed at how long the uninjured hen has gone without laying. Sunday night we got our first egg from her. :) They're still making a horrible mess in the garage, but I'm hoping within 2 weeks we'll have at least the roof on the pen so they can resume going into the house.