Friday, December 15, 2017

a fun day

We drove to meet up with one of Bobby's nieces today. It was amazing to see how much the littlest ones have grown. Natalie is actually talking and wasn't scared of Bobby today (actually set across from us at the table and laughed at his faces and told him he was silly). I think her favorite food is ketchup. She not only dipped her chicken pieces and french fries in it, she mostly dipped her finger in it and licked the ketchup off. At one point she even lifted the little cup holding the ketchup and attempted to drink it. I couldn't help but think about two people in my church who have t-shirts about ketchup, one which reads "I eat ketchup with my ketchup."
We had a small rocking horse for the youngest, who is not quite two. It has plastic runners on the bottom, and stuffed horse on the top. She was terrified of it. Natalie showed her how to ride it, but she was still having no part of it. We couldn't help but laugh.
The older siblings seemed excited by their cartoon character sheets, but the two oldest were most excited by the $5 McDonald's gift cards  - "credit cards" one of them called them. The parents took the cards to hold so they didn't get lost, but Charlie took the little cardboard cover and put his "wallet" in his pocket. He also wanted to know if it was Thursday. Evidently their McDonalds has a special on Thursdays where Happy Meals are $2, and that's when they get to go.
I don't think there's ever been a time when we've met with this family when we haven't left encouraged and uplifted. I pray we can be the same encouragement to them.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

the craziness countdown

Tuesday night we met with some friends and had a good time. They stayed later than I anticipated, but they helped clean up the kitchen and it felt a lot like being with family.

Tonight we made our yearly trip to Meadow Restaurant and Meadow Lights. A lot of memories; a lot of wishes. I'll leave it at that.

Tomorrow we'll visit with one of Bobby's nieces and her family. We don't get to see them often, but we've never had time with them that wasn't a joy.

Saturday morning is housework and some baking followed by a wedding Sunday evening.
Monday is hopefully our Star Wars day, followed by a night of more family time with Bobby's nephew.
Tuesday is packing and laundry day, followed by a night of caroling with kids from church.
Wednesday is loading/moving day for my sister.
Thursday we head to Gallatin and help unload the moving truck.
Friday is helping them unpack a little then heading to AL...and then it's crazy work/rest/play time. We'll cram my birthday, Christmas celebrations, and as many family visits in as we can before leaving to head back on my parents' anniversary.
and then the appointments start...

There are some days I have to remind myself that joy is an attitude and not a feeling. The Christmas holidays are an emotional roller coaster the older I get, and this year has been no exception.

God is with us.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Instead of rushing to the holiday season and then relaxing, as I thought we would, we've only seemed to pick up steam. But we are getting things done and enjoying a lot of activities as well.

Our Pastor turned 50 the first Sunday in December, and we've been planning for many weeks a surprise birthday party on Dec 3, his actual birthday. Except the night before, all of our plans got tossed out the window the week before when he e-mailed the deacons and informed them we were having a business meeting that night and as a prelude to it he was going to dedicate the entire service into sharing his heart about some decisions and changes. They encouraged him to wait a week and let people pray about it. He was concerned enough time had passed and there was no need to wait, and began to wonder if the deacons weren't really behind the decisions that had been made. After a lot of e-mails, they finally made the call to postpone the party a week and proceed with the business meeting as he planned. So the party was this past Sunday night, and I think it went well. One of the things we had planned didn't pan out, but everyone seemed to enjoy it. He was surprised with the activities and seemed pleased. I know his wife was.

Tonight we had some friends over for supper. And of course as I was planning to spend part of the day cleaning house we got a call that the last parts for Bobby's new chair was in, so I spent 3 hrs. driving to Raleigh and waiting for them to change out the back of the chair (it was the wrong height, causing balance issues) and drive back. It was done, and we are officially finished with replacing the chair and making sure the van is driveable from the new chair. It's taken nine months, but I was hoping it would all be over before Christmas, and it is!!

We have a few things we need finish taking care of before the holidays. We'll meet with family, help my sister empty the house into a moving truck and move to TN, then spend time with family in AL before heading back. I'm hoping the last week of the month to get caught up on some things and get things prepared for the next year.

I will hopefully post pictures before the week is out!