Sunday, February 15, 2009

metaphors and such

Today in Junior Church we reviewed previous lessons before covering our lesson on Noah's ark. When we reviewed the fall, some of the kids started laughing. Evidently when we say "God kicked them out of the garden" the younger siblings interpreted that to mean God literally took his foot and kicked them out, like the cartoons. I think they were a little disappointed when I told them no, God just told them to leave. Then one of the picture cards showing the ark being built also had Noah making a sacrifice. They asked about it, so we briefly discussed why people had to make annual sacrifices before Jesus came. And since I try to give examples on their level whenever I mention the word sin, I said "For example, if Josh is tired and Jacob gets on his nerves and he snaps his brother's head off..." and they all died laughing and the boys start jerking their head to the side. So I explained the metaphor and on we go with the lesson about how that unkindness would require a sacrifice to cover it. Some of the other questions they asked from today's lesson:
1. What are the clean animals (you know, God took 7 of those)?
2. Is an unblemished sheep white, or can it be another color?
3. Was the ark bigger than a football field?
4. Did God take 2 dogs, or did he take 2 poodles and 2 beagles, etc?
5. Did Noah open the window at any time before letting the birds outside?
6. Were Adam & Eve killed during the flood? (guess we forgot to mention they died in previous lessons!)
7. Does that mean we're really related to everybody? Just how many great-grandpas is Adam?

One thing about it, Sunday mornings in Junior Church are never dull.


Jennifer said...

too funny! they do keep you on your toes!

Candace said...

Yep- those kiddos are a hoot!!! Nothing a like a bunch of silly boys to keep things eventful!!!!

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Funny. I wondered why Kimberly has been building altars for sacrifces to God when we've been outside lately...