Monday, February 16, 2009

the rules

If I were one of those people who could care less what others think of me, here's what I'd post in my office at work:

The Rules:
  1. No cutting in line.
    Your project will be done in the order in which it was received.
    (And yes, this applies to department heads!)

2. Color inside the lines.
There are rules for design that are rarely broken.
I know these rules.
You don't.

3. Be specific.
The words "contemporary" and "modern" mean different things to different people.

4. Turn your papers in on time.
Do I look like your secretary?

5. Read the instructions FIRST!
Yes, that little HELP button does help you, but only if you push it.
Why ask me when you can read the instructions?!?

But I won't post these in my windows. Maybe this fall I'll get around to doing a drawing I've been thinking about for know, that Bible verse that talks about God setting a guard before our mouth. As you can tell, I certainly need one!

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