Saturday, February 14, 2009

car show

Last Saturday Bobby and I went to the Convention Center downtown for the International Auto Expo. It was a blast. The only thing I regretted was not taking my camera. At the entrance was a monstrous Rolls Royce that cost way more than our house, and we found a three wheeled, two-seater Harley Davidson with white siding and red flames for the price of Bobby's van. Today we headed to another show at the Fairgrounds, as they had the companies that bailed out of last week's show, and this time I did remember to take my camera! Here's some of the cool vehicles we saw today:

The back seats in this van fold down to make a bed! Who needs a camper when you have a vehicle like this?
AND, it had a sun roof, PLUS above each seat was a brown compartment (look toward the roof). It opened up into a storage area that would hold quite a bit of stuff.

And I've never seen a full-size television MOUNTED into the ceiling of a van before.

We joked about this being the car for me, but finally decided it wouldn't work for two reasons:
one, Bobby's too tall to fit in it, and two, it would mess up my hair.

This little vehicle, while cute, doesn't meet my four door requirement, and I also don't like the modern small passenger windows. Besides, if you had a car like this, you'd have to at some point play Dukes of Hazard and I'd never ever fit through the window of this thing. Of course, I'd paint the number three on the doors instead of one. And it would have the Alabama state flag on the roof, of course. And heaven forbid it have a name like General Lee. I'd probably call it something like, "Bobby's girl" or some other name that would make all the men in my family cringe or roll their eyes. Yes, there would definitely be some minor adjustments.

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Jennifer said...

looks like a lot of fun!