Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Hormones have no brains...

Since the new high school opened across the street from my mother-in-law, she's had some problems with teenagers trespassing onto the farm to fulfill their lustful desires. And no, I do not mean stealing or plundering. There's been one couple that has been run off twice during the school day, and this weekend a car actually came and parked in the middle of the field, headlights shining right on the farmhouse.  My husband was quite shocked when he heard, and asked "Have they no sense? Don't they know they're sitting out in the open between TWO houses?" We all laughed, and his uncle replied "Hormones don't have brains." And we all laughed, and Bobby nodded his head.

Obviously they don't, but I'm still flabbergasted that people will walk, in broad daylight, beside a barn near a field and boarding stables, and think no one is going to find them. At night when it's dark I can comprehend a little bit more, but parking in the middle of a farm field? I'm hoping that since they've now been called twice at night, one of them on the weekends, that the young men who have the farm rented will now remember to keep the gates closed.

On a different note...our driveway is getting paved this week!!!! :) They're scraping up the gravel and shaping things up as I type. We've waited almost 18 years for this!

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Jennifer said...

I am not surprised they do that, but the nerve to go on private property....that surprises me. Jack and I used to live in this apartment that was on a dead end street (near our window). Almost every Friday night people would come and park there and we knew they were doing drugs or drinking or whatever. We didn't get a lot of sleep on the weekends.