Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Today, on April 11,  I had the fun experience of watching a 3 yr old boy for several hours. We spent a LOT of time outside, and I had more "poop" discussions than I ever have in my life. (He noticed the differences between the chickens, geese, and dogs, and wanted to know which animal made which pile.)

Today, on April 11, my only nephew on my side of the family turned 17. It seems like yesterday we were chuckling over his unique method of crawling.

Today, on April 11, Bill Parrish, my brother-in-law's Dad, saw Jesus face to face, after facing months of infections and illness due to a ruptured intestine. I have many memories of this dear man, and not a one of them is even slightly negative.

Tonight I hope to work on my "game plan" for Friday night's kids activity and finalize what I need. And work on a song, and maybe sketch out a quilt design. At this point it's too late for a movie, as I expect Bobby home from his meeting within 1.5 hours.

I'm not ready for this to be April, and yet, here it is, pushing toward the half-way mark.

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