Sunday, April 2, 2017

So not ready

I was adamant that I would not cut grass until March, and I didn't. But now it's officially April, and our yard is beginning to look like it needs a real cut, not just a perfunctory "let's take care of the weeds and such". There's no point in talking about the fact the yard is now strange to cut because of the way the road paving project and school turn lane took sections of the front yard, nor how they've yet to remove the black silt fence and pile of gravel in the midst of the back section of our yard, nor that we still have the dog's underground fence line laying ON TOP of the ground as it can't be buried until all of their work is finally finished. Discussing it won't change a thing, and the grass in and around those areas still must be cut. My great-aunt who lived with us while I was small (she was tiny and weighed about 90 lbs soaking wet), would sometimes sigh and say "Sounds like somebody needs to go to the bathroom and get their panties out of a wad" when we complained about things. And the very fact that came to mind as I was typing all this let's me know how much I'm complaining here...

There's not an insane amount of things on my calendar for this week, and yet this is already going to be a very full week. That happens once garden and grass season arrives. I always forget how much time it takes to do those things. So cut grass, plant spring items, catch up on the quilting class I missed last week and flesh out plans for the kids Easter party at church...I think that means my week is full. And I'm not ready for it.

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Jennifer said...

I complained that we had to cut grass back in February!!! I don't ever remember having to cut grass in February!! We didn't do it in March, but I had Jacob do it Saturday again. I am the same way with the air conditioning!! Maybe I can make it till May.....but who knows!!