Tuesday, February 28, 2017

alternate realities

Today we were at checking out at the hardware store, and the clerk asked me three times whether I was paying with credit or debit. Each time I answered "cash", and she'd still ask me again. Then when I handed her the money I told her I had the change, but needed to get it out. As I'm digging out the last penny, I realized she was counting change. I told her at least twice I had the change. The second time I was about to get more than a little irate, when I saw the hearing aid. For whatever reason, she wasn't hearing me. She turned, I handed her the change, and she got a little huffy as she slammed the change she had just counted out into the drawer, shaking her head. I imagine she thought I was being very rude and inconsiderate, never realizing I was answering all her questions AND talking to her the whole time. And as aggravated as I was, it also made me think about how many times I've made assumptions and become irritated by a situation, never realizing I was the one at fault.

On a side note, all the seed for my spring garden stuff (spinach, lettuce, english peas and a few cabbages) is out and the area cleaned out and fenced off from the chickens. Mind you, I used my old wiring and garden gates so it could all be done today. It's pieced together and looks a little redneckish, but I'm okay with that. It's done. There's a lady in our church who does a lot of vibrant, folksy artwork. I couldn't help but think if she were at our house she'd spray paint each section a different primary color and make it all look festive. I'm afraid if I tried that it would look clownish. Maybe in a year or two I'll be purchase better netting or fencing, but for now my rusty pieces are doing the job.

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Jennifer said...

I used to look down on people who couldn't take care of their kids in the store until I had a friend with an autistic child. When I went to DQueen with her, the little girl started acting up and everyone was just looking at her and it was like the entire room was casting judgment on this poor lady (who was also a single mom). I try now to be more tolerate, but I am not always perfect at remembering that story.