Tuesday, March 7, 2017

baby steps

As the flu and stomach bug rages all around, we're staying busy. I FINALLY finished the puzzle I started back in January during the snow days. As if it wasn't challenging enough, the puzzle was two-sided, meaning the same picture is also printed from the back, but turned a different direction, and is cut from both sides. After a point, that part became slightly helpful. If you weren't certain a piece truly fit (it wasn't fully interlocking), you could flip it over and see whether or not it matched from the back. Once I realized the left border was incorrectly placed in a few spots, things started improving dramatically. I asked Bobby early on if he wanted to help. He informed me he has never been that bored in his life, ever.

I hate to tear it up and put it back in the box after spending literally hours completing it, but I'll never hang a picture of penguins in my house. It's just not my thing. But it's done. :)

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