Monday, February 27, 2017

goose eggs

Our geese usually start laying between February and March and will lay until mid-April or May. But since we no longer have a male goose, there's no point in leaving the eggs for the girls to attempt to hatch, nor collecting them to put in the incubator. Which leaves us with a new dilemma - what do we do with them?

Many years ago I fried one for "us" to eat. Only Bobby ate his portion. I simply couldn't stomach it after cooking it. So this morning I spent some time researching goose egg recipes and found out they're quite popular in Britain and South Africa. The most common usage is in omelettes (almost always with bacon), though quite a few people use them in baking (but modify with chicken egg whites to prevent heaviness). the funniest recipes came from some British goose website. The brownie recipe calls for caster sugar, an "apre-lined tin" and tells you to put the gas mark at 4. The picture looks great, but I think I'll have to do a little research before I attempt any of them.

And I just have this terrible suspicion that even with all the seasonings and additions, the omelettes aren't going to be all that great. I so hope I'm wrong.

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