Thursday, September 15, 2016

not all bad

Tuesday we met with some workers and contractors and Wake County Dept of Education staff to discuss all the stakes in our front yard and what they meant. I'm a visual person, and I'm having a very hard time processing what our yard is going to look like when all is said and done. It's a bit overwhelming. I don't like thinking about all the hours we spent researching and planning, then planting, watering and pruning. It's not like you can just replant a new tree when that section of the yard is totally gone, and fruit trees take 3-5 years after planting before having a strong enough root system to truly bear fruit. I still need to call the underground fencing company and see how much they'll charge to redo the fence line, which is hard as we're not exactly sure where our new property boundaries will be. I hate seeing stakes in our yard, daily reminding me that we're losing almost 1/3 of our front yard. Not sure how the dogs will react to losing that much run space.

On the upside, the contractors told us it would be closer to March before our road was paved (there's still debate about whether our section is phase 2 or phase 3; phase 1 has started now), but that they may start working in the yard later this year. So at least now we have a time reference for what is going to happen. And the overgrowth on our property line, they'll be removing almost 1/2 of it. I'm not exactly thrilled about losing all the trees before it, but cleaning the briers and wild shrubs? That will be one less job on my future to do list. So there is a small lining in all the upcoming mess.

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