Tuesday, September 13, 2016

a whole new world

With the opening of a new high school one mile away and construction next door to us for an elementary school, our world has been slowly, and yet rapidly, changing.  For several weeks in July, no matter which of the three routes away from our house we took, this is what we saw:

And this view from our road is about to no longer exist:
The section of the road past our driveway is now closed to the public and is being re-routed and prepped for paving. The section of the road shown above will be paved in phase 2, which we think is scheduled to be completed before the year is out. We're hoping to find out more this week about exactly what impact that will have on our property. In the meantime, my car battery is dead, my first poll worker training class is Saturday, and the chicken pen needs some work. Life never stops.

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Jennifer said...

I noticed yesterday how busy White Oak got at lunch and I am thinking it is because of the new HS. I dropped Jacob off at the orthodontist and told him I would get lunch while he was there so I wouldn't wait as long. At 11:40 I was car number 8 in the drive thru at Wendys which is hardly ever that crowded, especially that time of day.