Friday, September 16, 2016

sausage balls

My niece is getting married in December, and for the reception they are having typical holiday finger foods. I volunteered to make sausage balls, and maybe one other item. Since my sausage ball recipe does not have a "yield" amount on it, I decided I'd make a batch for gathering and see just how much it made. After all, I need to know how many items to buy when the time comes.

So I spent yesterday afternoon making sausage balls and deviled eggs for a luncheon we were having during our  Quilts of Valor group today. I learned my recipe will make 60 decent sized balls, but they were also very dry. I told Bobby I may try another batch in the next week or so for something else and experiment with the recipe to see if I can make them better. I'm debating whether to try a different sausage or to simply cut back on the amount of Bisquick.

December sounds SO far away, but it's really not. I know if I don't get this done soon and organized in my mind, it will be here before I know it and my calendar will be overbooked (which I'm trying really hard NOT to do).

Sausage ball tips anyone?

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Jennifer said...

Elsie is good at them. I love them and have tried to make them, but I always seem to be missing something because mine never turn out quite right.