Thursday, June 9, 2016

life update

Monday at Bobby's 3 month follow-up, we were told that his at least one of his heart meds wasn't doing it's job (which we already knew). Because of various factors, there are many other drugs that are used for this that he simply can't take. One that his doctor was willing to try requires observation in a hospital setting for at least 6 doses. I thought we were about to head to the hospital then, but he said we could wait one or two days. So I went ahead and worked the election. Wednesday we got up and started trying to get things ready, waiting for the call to come.

And of course, as soon as we got up, I heard chirping. Some of our eggs due to hatch next week hatched that very night. So in the midst of taking care of things on my list, I added a run to the hardware store for starter feed and cleaned out the brooder box. Current count is 9 biddies and two more currently hatching.

So while it's only day one of the waiting game at the hospital, it feels like forever. I'm home to get a shower and square away a few things, then heading back. So far, things are going well. If round two does as well as round one did this morning, he'll probably have another cardioversion tomorrow, and then the rest of the time will hopefully be just more waiting.

And I thought this was only going to be a semi-busy week. I was so wrong.

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