Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Election Day

This is pre-written.

Alarm time: 4:30am

On the road time: 6:00am (delivering supplies, helping troubleshoot with machines that won't work or bad phonelines, etc in my eight polling places before the polls open).

Polls open: 7:30am (Chief Judge assistance and checklist notes begin, visiting all 8 sites at least twice during the day).

Polls close: 7:30pm  For this election (a non-busy one), my phone should start ringing within the next 5-30 minutes as my precincts report in that they are closed and results are submitted. Should results not submit, then my night is about to get long. If there's a site with a long line or a new chief judge, I'll be there to assist with closing.

Paperwork: 8pm - until? Once paperwork is completed, head to my drop-off site to sign off on all the back-up supplies. This could be as early as 8:30pm. It's also been as late as 11pm.

Suppertime with my sweetie at Waffle House...though last year we met at Denny's because my drop off site was closer to there and IHOP was closed. 

And we go home and crash.

But it's worth it. Go VOTE!!!

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