Friday, June 17, 2016

fun but done

I'm not sure what year it started, but Hwy 301 in North Carolina started having an "endless yardsale" in June every year. The hope is that eventually it will spread to other states and be like others that are multi-state and very popular. We went to a few places last year, and when we saw the signs a few weeks ago thought we might try it again. Except this year we have so many places to be tomorrow that we will get up and and begin hustling and not stop until bedtime. So we went today. (It's a two day event.)

We didn't get an early start. I think it was about 9am when we arrived in Benson. (The sale starts at 7am.) By 10:15am I was starting to wonder how much longer I was going to last. And I know if I'm getting hot and sweating, Bobby is entering the danger zone. We stopped for lunch and took our time in the ac to cool off before hitting the road again. We finally stopped around 2:20 and began heading back towards home. It was fun, but we were also both more than a little glad to be done. I think the heat wore us both out.

I did have one unexpected find, but I'll wait until I get it cleaned up to photograph and post. Several places had advertised pedal cars and tractors and antique farm bells on Craigslist, and I was quite shocked and disappointed at their prices. Some of them were higher than antique stores/flea market prices!! So we didn't get any pedal cars for great-nieces or nephews. There was one row or two in Selma down a side street that I wouldn't have minded going down, but due to time and weather we didn't. But we certainly stopped at enough places!

So now this red-necked gal is off to clean some things and start getting ready for tomorrow's meeting a friend/family reunion and an engagement party in Washington, NC tomorrow. And somewhere in there is prep for Jr Church. It feels like a Saturday, even though it's not.

If you're in NC and free tomorrow and yard sales are your thing, check it out!

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