Monday, May 9, 2016

this week

Is today really only Monday?

This week (ie, since Sunday):

  • a chicken found and ate a small snake...slurped it, actually
  • same chicken pecked me yesterday for not feeding them fast enough
  • and it followed me way too close for my comfort during feed time today
  • my sewing room is picked up and packed up and only needs vacuuming
     (my niece will sleep there this weekend) 
  • construction next door started at 4am this morning
  • our great-nieces showed up at 6:45am
    (grandma who usually keeps them is out of town with a new cousin who arrived Friday)
  • babysitting went way better than I expected...great kids
  • my parents arrive tomorrow, Lord willing
  • Mom spent the day at urgent care with another infection :(
  • my husband has really gone above and beyond expectations this last week in helping out with things...could not have survived without him

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