Monday, May 2, 2016

adding and subtracting

When dealing with a checkbook, it's always a very good thing to add more than you subtract.
Unfortunately, the same doesn't hold true for housework.
Or quilting projects.
Or gardening.
Or yardwork.
Or the scheduling calendar.

One week from tomorrow my out of town family starts to arrive for my niece's wedding and my house is SO not ready. I did get 98% of the wallpaper peeled off one of the bathroom's and contacted two different painters, one of whom waited 3 weeks before calling me back, and the other who did come for an appraisal but never e-mailed us the estimate like he said nor has returned my text message. And so my family is going to have to live with sheetrock walls, including one small section that revealed a patch of mildew underneath the wallpaper when it was peeled. But for the moment I've done all I can do in that area.

Meanwhile I'm tackling some long overdue cleaning (light fixtures, washing curtains, etc) and will hopefully be finished before they come.

And as I'm trying to finish up a baby quilt and wedding present quilt, my sewing room also needs cleaning out to make room for an air mattress. Needless to say, I shouldn't be sitting here typing. But my checklist is made out, and hopefully by the end of next Monday, everything will be crossed out.

If not, it really is okay. My family is coming to see us (okay, they're coming to save money by not getting a hotel) and not my lack of housekeeping skills, which they already know about.

Onward, ho!

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