Thursday, May 12, 2016


The past three days we've had the opportunity to watch two of Bobby's great nieces. And then my parents were here yesterday. So this morning as I sit here and only hear the washing machine, it feels more than a little strange. (Bobby's getting labwork done.) And I know it's just the calm before the storm as more family comes in tonight. :)

It'll be next week before I can post pictures, but I was reminded again this week of how blessed I am. Having Bobby at home and his gentle and loving nature with children was an incredible help. When a little one year old wouldn't nap without being held, it was great that her older sister had someone to play with and talk to (He says he's learned more about princesses and play-doh videos than he could ever imagine). I know most Moms don't have that kind of assistance, but it was very nice to have. As I clean today, I'll miss the 20 questions for every step from a very curious almost 3 year old, as Aunt Monica doesn't do things the way her Mommy does. We joked last night before bedtime that we would probably wake up earlier this morning (we didn't). Let's just say we've more than adjusted to a retired person's lifestyle and 4:30 and 5 am wake-up times stretched both of us more than we imagined it would. But I wouldn't trade these past three days for anything.

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