Friday, January 1, 2016

keeping pace

Last year I read or completed reading (meaning I started it before 2015) about 19 books. This year, I hope to keep that pace. Ideally, I'd love to read more than that, but I know with the schedule for this upcoming year that's not going to be very likely.

I have two books from last year that I've not finished, one a science/past current event book, and the other a church history book. And lined up on my dresser are several history books, several biographies/autobiographies, a few fiction, and a few church/Bible study type books. My goal is to knock quite a few of them out, and unlike last year, not replace the stack with news ones to read. I'd like to have all books off my dresser unless they're in the process of being read within two years. And that's a steep goal.

Several years ago I joined some friends in a book club. I enjoyed almost every minute of it (there was that one book that I literally had to make myself read) and it pushed me out of my boundaries to read some things that I wouldn't have otherwise picked up. But at the end of that year as I evaluated my time and resources, as much as I enjoyed the process, the reality is I need to read what we already have and not spend anything on new books. Hopefully there will come a day when I fell caught up and streamlined enough in the book department to do that again, but I'm just not there yet.

And almost as exciting as having a lot of books to read, is the fact that Duck Dynasty starts a new season this month. About time!

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