Thursday, December 31, 2015


The musical our church did had a song for the kids to sing, and it included the word "Zoom!" in it. The kids loved it (for that, and the fact it mentioned cell phones and eating Dads...go figure). But that word describes a lot of my feelings for 2015. Where has the time gone?

It's been a good but hard year.

A lot of political debates on Facebook have often left me questioning myself as well as why I even stay on social media (because it's the easiest way to stay in touch with all my family). I've been unfriended by a few people, and found that overall I was actually okay with that. While I hope to improve in how I express myself (that I'll speak with more clarity and kindness), I can't be untrue to who I am and what I believe. And I've been sadly disappointed to discover that arrogant disdain is found on postings by Christians as often as it is posted by those who aren't.

My husband and Dad both had some serious health issues. Bobby was in the hospital for heart/paralysis related issues that are mostly resolved; Dad had two stents placed a few weeks ago. Meanwhile our nine year old church lost two of its faithful members this year, one unexpectedly, and three more have been diagnosed with various forms of cancer in the last three months. All of this is normal with life, but it makes me realize how long we were blessed as a congregation to go without such heartache for so many years.

And this is probably the first year I've not blogged about so much that is on my heart. There has been so much clamoring on current events this year that it seemed anything I had to say was just one more bit of noise clanging to be heard. And quite frankly, I heard more than enough. The positive of all this negativity and opining is that I've truly been thinking and searching for answers and clarity on the problems and what my role in them should be. I know the popular thing is for everyone to post their goals and objectives for the new year either today or tomorrow, but for us that won't be happening until later in the month. Meanwhile, I'm still researching and thinking and praying for direction. There are so many needs everywhere that it's not always easy deciding how much and where to devote time and energy.

So tomorrow it begins...learning to write 2016 on bills and checks. I hope it won't be as hard to adjust as it was this year, and that time won't seem to fly by as fast. But I do know this....I'm not sorry to see 2015 go.

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