Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas gifts

Last year I decided I would make quilts for my family as Christmas presents. Needless to say, they weren't finished. I was bound and determined they were going to be completed this year. I came close - finishing all but two.  Here's some brief snapshots of the 26th (the day we could all be together). 
Mom was amazed by the cow print on the backing.

Checking out what was in every jar. I think they were pleased and surprised.

My nephew's quilt ( middle, standing). 

My brother and sister-in-law opening their quilt.
This is a distant shot of their quilt. Earlier this year they gave me a box of quilting supplies that had belonged to Amie's grandmother. In the bottom were some hand-quilted panels she had left over from quilts she had made. So I added plain blocks and a few other appliqued blocks to go with them and make them into a quilt. I felt bad for making her cry and taking her by surprise, but I knew that was something I would want.
My brother-in-law, who is camera and crowd shy, is an avid Monopoly fan.
Carly's quilt. Hers was probably started about five years ago.
It was started long enough ago that I was afraid the heart and star backing I had chosen would no longer be suitable (she's now in middle school) so I added an owl panel to the middle of the back.
While cleaning up my sewing room this summer, I found two star hexagons my grandmother had hand quilted. When my first quilt plan fell for my older sister fell apart, this became their backup.

The back of the quilt.
And the front of the quilt.

This will probably never happen again. And that's okay. I managed a surprise, and hopefully gave something they'll love and use, even if it is "a blanket" as my 14 yr old nephew calls them. :)

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Jennifer said...

you truly have a special gift, Monica. I love the monopoly one and the purple one. I was at my dad's house trying to find some that my grandmother had made, but couldn't find any. I had one but somehow during all my moves and marriage it was gone. I loved it. It is something they will treasure forever!!