Saturday, May 2, 2009

the irony of life & beliefs

Crazy days with crazy mess
More than I can do myself
Protocol from my past
Demands that I must pass the test.
But Sarah had a maid.
Little kids in need of homes
In need of love, a place to roam
Wisdom says the man's too old
To start a family that will grow
But Abram had a child.
Pack of donuts on my desk
Powdered white as I like best
No one's here to ever know
Where that little pack will go
But gluttony's still a sin.
Use your talents and your brain;
Don't waste your life - the world's refrain
I have no kids but a semi-career
And struggle to keep it all in gear.
But is that cleaving to my spouse?
Big boxy shoes I hate to wear
Along with makeup and high-maintenance hair.
Yet I wonder what people think
And keep a style somewhat in sync.
But isn't that lilies in the field?
We talk the talk
Teach the truths
Dress up in our Sunday suits
But how does it live in today?

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