Sunday, May 3, 2009

April detours

Goals are nice. Projects are fun. Meeting and completing each of them is wonderful! But I have these little detours, diversions, unexpected events (fancy names of other projects) that always pop up. For example...
One of my goals for April was to clean out the freezer. BUT my big freezer is in the laundry room, and who would be crazy enough to empty a freezer amidst a pile of stuff to be ironed. SOooo, I'm happy to report that the laundry room is almost empty, and if everything goes according to plan (like it ever does), then I will be cleaning out the freezer on Wednesday afternoon.
Another goal was to cover the garden aisles. I am happy to report that the entire garden is now planted, 3/4 of a fence is up for the climbing snow peas (thanks Jeff and Tommy!), and 1/2 of the garden has pine straw on top of newspaper in its aisles in hopes of eliminating weeds. Perhaps within the next two weeks I will finish raking and placing pine straw. After I use the lawnmower on the growing grass in one of the rows, of course.
Dreamweaver lessons (computer software) one and two got postponed due to: chickens. Last Saturday morning became devoted to moving them out of the brooder box and into the dog's pen. That'll be a post for another day this week. Let's just say the education goal was replaced with chicken coop surfing on the internet. It'll also be put off a while as my potential coop on CraigsList disappeared and we are now in design mode before we recruit our friendly builders. I can cut boards and slap on paint, but my hammer skills leave a little bit to be desired.
The quilt for A&A's wedding might actually be finished by Christmas, though my realist husband says maybe by their third wedding anniversary. Let's just say progress is being made, but progress is slow indeed.
and the living room painting? It's still where I left it at the end of March.
I'm not making "goals" for May. I need to get my current projects finished, or at least somewhat attacked, in between getting my head screwed back on correctly. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying our weather and trying not to scratch my itchy eyelids.


gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Wow- you have gotten a LOT accomplished!!! Candace said she would help with the "button" if you can't get to it- I feel bad asking you now that I see how much you have to do!!!

Monica said...

LOL! These are my "want to" projects Lydia! Nothing critical or even serious will happen if they don't get done...which is part of why they're not getting done! Tell you what, if I can't get to the button by Saturday, I'll let you and Candace know.