Thursday, February 19, 2009

when the norm becomes strange

I did some outside work Tuesday afternoon. Add that to the frantic quilting taking place at my house, being at a computer 6 hours a day, and my hands and shoulders are quite sore. Last night one of my hands was really hurting, and I was afraid the muscle had knotted up. It's strange how you can look at your hands all your life, but once you start hurting you're suddenly not sure if that's how they've always looked. If I hold both hands flat, they look the same. If I tighten them into a fist, one has a small knot/bump on it. It's very possible it's just a big wad of fat, or that it's been there forever, but given the intensive work I've been doing with my hands this week and the pain I had yesterday and some today it kind of makes me wonder. I don't mind doing physical labor, but I don't want muscular hands.

And I find myself in the same dilemma at work. For example, I'm working on things for the Missions Revival at the moment, and after typing and seeing the word "foreign" umpteen hundred times, I'm suddenly not sure if it's spelled right. I've spelled it all my life and never gave it a second thought, but now I'm not so sure and it looks strange.

Now if I can just get to the point where eating chocolate seems strange, I'll be set!

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