Sunday, February 22, 2009

reality check

For the fourth time in the last three years, on an upcoming calendar week when my schedule is full and my dream get done list is dinosaur size, my body quits on me. Just up and refuses to cooperate. It's an absolute nuisance.

Now, I could say that either a) my schedule is too full, b)I'm getting old, or c)I need to get in shape {and my Dear Hubby might add d) all of the above}, but the reality is it's an aggravation regardless of the reason.

I could tell the geese that they have to wait another week before they start laying eggs because my neck and shoulder muscles are tense from putting in posts and I don't feel like aggravating my muscles more by putting up the fence so they can have a safe and secure nesting area. (i.e, I don't want dead or half-eaten goslings in the yard or pond this year.) But seeing as the geese were all paired off this afternoon and have already isolated the duck from hanging out with them, egg laying season is soon to be upon us, if not already here.

I could do as Bobby suggested and simply wrap the booties we bought (that inspired this baby quilt in the first place) and include a note saying: the quilt is coming. After all, that baby's not going to know or care whether or not his great aunt finished the quilt before his baby shower or before he was born. But that would throw my schedule off as I have a large quilt I need to do before June. And my brain is telling me to go ahead and find someone who machine quilts and hire them to do the long and tedious job of quilting the layers together, but my heart says that's not what my Granny Rea did and she would want him to have this wedding quilt. Or even if I start the quilting and then pass it off to someone else to be finished...then I can say at least I tried. Choices.

We're embarking on our last week in February, and the reality is my month's to do list won't be finished. I hope to complete one thing, possibly two. But that doesn't really bother me because I'm still making forward progress, even if I'm not reaching the hurdles I'd like to jump.

And speaking of hurdles, my shoulders and neck are telling me it's time to 'till tomorrow or whenever my body and schedule cooperate...adios.


Jennifer said...

I have to agree with Bobby. I hope you feel better. We missed you!

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

I stayed in bed ALL day yesterday. It's the first time in oh, 7 years or so (not counting the few times I have been REALLY sick). Now I feel ready to finish ALL my projects:) Sometimes your body just forces you to rest- obey it! Hope you feel GREAT soon!