Wednesday, February 18, 2009

why God never asked me to write part of the Bible

I'm not a Hebrew or Greek scholar, so I don't know how things read in the original language. I have studied Shakespeare, and the KJV often reminds me of the Shakespearean plays with its strange wordings and politely masked jabs. And yet, despite the translation, the distinctive tone of each author is clear in the books. Take Genesis, for example. We know Moses didn't want to be God's spokesman before Pharaoh, claiming a lack of eloquence. And that roughness comes through in the first book he recorded. It never ceases to startle me how abruptly he jumps in the story line. It's like talking to a southern male who matter-of-factly states what he thinks and jumps to the next thing. Why waste time on details? We know the books of the law were either written directly by God or directly dictated to Moses (I'm leaning more toward God carving them into the stones...can you imagine how many MONTHS Moses would have been on the mountain doing that?). And I think that's why the OT law books are so detailed, methodical, and organized.
Thankfully, God knew that it would never EVER do for me to have any part in writing or recording His words. I can see it now. That verse from Proverbs that says "Wine is a mocker and a strong drink. He who drinks it is not wise." coming from me would read something like "Only idiots drink wine." Doesn't quite sound the same, does it? Or the teen's memory verse for this week (John 13:17) comes out in my translation as this: Obey God and be happy. That's not exactly poetic or uplifting.
I like to think that by reading the sophisticated wording that does exist, that my mind will be instantly renewed into a softer, gentler nature. So far, it seems I only pick up the harsh doctrine and it is regurgitated from my tongue as welping barbs. We can all relax that God will never ask me to write the Bible. If I can just master some of what is written I think that would help the world (or at least those around me) tremendously.

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