Saturday, January 3, 2009

dogs & breakfast

What is it about dogs & breakfast time?
Daisy & Abner (our first dogs) brought about Flopsy & Mopsy's (our rabbits) heart attacks during breakfast.
Oreo (a former cat) would always leave half of her breakfast (squirrels, moles, and mice) on the doorstep for Bobby to see before breakfast.
And now....
the mole game with Lucy & Linus...right outside the kitchen guessed it....during breakfast.
I've yet to venture outside and see whether the birds in the yard succeeded in distracting the dogs away before the mole's death, or if they pestered him to death. Maybe Bobby will give me a report after his afternoon excursion. That's not something I care to see if I don't have to.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

bring the dogs over here...i have several moles they could get rid of for me.