Monday, January 5, 2009

Three steps forward, two steps back

Some resolutions are, well, resolute. I'm cooking, doing an okay job at keeping up with household chores, and am well into one of the projects for the month.
Other resolutions are, well, dissolving. Lose 4 pounds? Hmmm. I've thought about exercising the last five days, but as of yet it that item hasn't made it past the laundry basket, the Christmas decorations, the painting, etc.
My devotions are not devoted. I've kept up to date (WHOO HOO!) with the church's in-depth 3 year Bible reading program so far, and am keeping up with the teens' memory verses, but haven't kept my dare to my siblings or Mom for the LoveDare devotional (you can find them at Sam's Club for $9 fellow Fireproof fans!), and I fear my cynical demon has roared his head yet again. I don't mean to be sacrilegious, but obviously the Bible was not written by a woman. I mean, come on...did anyone even suggest pulling Zacharias out of the temple by that rope the priests had to wear? Did people sign to him because he couldn't talk like Hudson was quiet around Pastor Mike after his voice surgery, or was he deaf as well? Was he aggravated about the whole naming issue? I mean, if I was given the opportunity to have a child, and then told his name had to be Brad (no offense to any Brads out there) I would be a little bit miffed. Note, emphasis on little bit; I do think the thrill of having my own flesh and blood would override such minor irritations. And when John went to the wilderness, did he grow up there, or just hang out there in his teenage/young adult years? Can't you hear those old women talking? Well, I don't know what Lizzy's thinking lettin' that boy dress like that and roam around? They indulge him just way too much, but you know how those priest's kids are!
I recognize that we're not given a whole lot of details because that's not the emphasis of the story...BUT...if we can be told about Jezzy puttin' on make-up before being pushed and devoured by dogs, with only her hands left (like my cat eating moles), or a young woman being cut up into 12 pieces by her father and mailed to the governors of the country and the ensuing outrage, couldn't we have a few more details on what things were like?
And just for the record, I grudgingly agree with my Dad that when I get to heaven I will know the things that God deems important and the trivial remainder won't matter to me in the least. And yes, I would probably be more like Old Zach with 101 questions for the angel instead of like Mary who jubilantly and quickly believed and rejoiced. Yes. He must definitely increase!


gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Good post, made me laugh:) Here's my thought...did Gabriel KNOW that Z would doubt? Did God tell him, "When you give my message, Zechariah will doubt and you may shut his mouth." Or do the "big" angels get to make their own decisions about discipline? Hmm?

Jennifer said...

great post and don't give up on your goals yet!