Friday, January 2, 2009

Not yet panic

You know how your adrenaline rushes right before a deadline and the work load and time factor don't seem to be matching up? Bobby calls this stress and I consider it motivation. Well, for some reason it struck today. I feel like I need to tackle all my January projects immediately and furiously, as if the month is almost over. And technically, there's only 29 days left, so I do need to be busy. Yet the thought struck me as I was driving home, Don't you know it's only Jan 2! HELLOOOOO! Maybe I just need a Dr. Pepper and a chocolate chip cookie. Hey, that's only about 400 calories, right? Wouldn't it be cool if I finished January and actually had half of February's projects done as well? Yeah, I know....keep dreaming. If that happened, I think the world might actually stop spinning, and we certainly don't want that to happen!

And speaking of our spinning earth, what did you think about them delaying the clock and fireworks of 2009 by one second because the earth has slowed down in its gravitational spin this year? Kind of reinforces the whole concept of time being relative, you know? Unfortunately, I don't think neither my husband nor my choir director would buy into that philosophy. And seeing as how time is only relative to what I can get done, I think I better get something done today besides paid work and blogging...ugh.

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