Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas goodies

Realistically I won't have time to bake any this week, but these are some of my favorite goodies my Mom or Grandma always made at Christmastime.

  • tea cakes - I LOVED making these at my Aunt Linda's because she would let us eat the dough. Mom would only let us eat the tiny portions of scraps left over at the very end. And speaking of scraps, evidently most people don't roll them out and cut them into various shapes. Most pictures I found online were circles or were not what I remember as tea cakes.
  • Instant Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies
  • Ritz crackers & peanut butter coated in chocolate - both white and dark!
  • FUDGE!
  • Hawaiian pie - Pineapples, bananas, nuts, cool whip, sweetened condensed milk - all on a buttered graham cracker crust....YYYUUUUMMMM!
  • chocolate covered pretzels
  • fried apple pies (individual size) - This was my Grandma's speciality, but something I haven't quite mastered. My big apple pies are okay, but not these small ones.
  • sausage balls

Mom also made something she called Martha Washington Candy, though it wasn't my favorite. Bobby's family has peanut butter balls (a peanut mixture, coated in chocolate of course!) which I absolutely love, homemade peanut brittle, which is also awesome but I haven't ventured into the challenge of making, chocolate chip cookies (and no matter what I do or how many tips she gives me, mine NEVER turn out like Mrs. Bryan's!), and my older sister introduced me to Oreo balls - oreos crushed, mixed with cream cheese, then coated in chocolate.

Is it any wonder why Mom always thought we had enough sweets on hand at Christmas and I didn't need a birthday cake?


Carroll said...

Mmmm. Wow! I just have to say that tea cakes MUST be cut out! All of those thing sound wonderful! I'll be making peanut butter balls myself in a few days.

Hooray for Christmas treats!

Jennifer said...

I'd love to try the hawaain pie!!

Jessie said...

Sounds so yummy!! I love cookies and cakes!! Thank you for stopping by !!

You do have a point about a folder for sick days! I will get right on that!!

Love you Jessie