Sunday, December 7, 2008

so very very true

It's been a LOOONGG but very good week. Between all the craziness of life, in the middle of the current whirlwind, I had an unexpected break yesterday. A trip that some of us planned months ago happened up on the calendar. I looked at my to do list, and thought about canceling. And then I thought about why I wanted to go, how long this date has been circled in its square in PEN, and said "I'm going." We left at 7am, arrived at the Concord Mills mall at 10am, shopped until 5pm, then headed home, stopping for supper, of course.
So this morning I'm sitting in church, not only tired, but VERY sore from all that walking and evidently carrying my too heavy purse and bags (I'm not kidding...even my arms were sore this morning!), thinking about what needs to be done, how I don't have any Christmas decorations up, and a myriad amount of other things, all the while trying to pay attention and ask God to settle my chaotic mind. And then lyrics from a song I've known since childhood just really grabbed me.
The world treats you mean, Lord.
Treats me mean, too.
But that's how things are down here.
We don't know who you are.
You have told us how.
We are tryin.
Master, you have shown us how, Even when you were dying.
Just seems like we can't do right.
Look how we treated you.
But please Sir, forgive us, Lord.
We didn't know it was you.
Sweet little Jesus boy, Born a long time ago.
Sweet little holy child, We didn't know who you were.
Does that not sum up our world today? All my silly fears and feelings of inadequacy, my constant struggle to not only feel but to show Christ's compassion to those who are in need (specifically the ones who brings things on themselves) or to those who just simply irritate me...aren't all those things brought about because I'm not recognizing the King of Kings for who He truly is? A very sobering thought, but also so very reassuring. We can't get it right, but He is faithful to forgive me...those mercies that are new every morning.
So maybe I won't get to decorating my house for Christmas this crazy week, or baking Christmas goodies, or writing Christmas cards, but that's okay. I know who He is and I know that I am his child. If I can just keep that forefront in my mind this week, I think I can deal with those things "down here."


sara's art house said...

Great post, Monica! God is so good to us!!!!! Thank the Lord for His mercies!!!!

Jennifer said...

I felt the very same way, but it was fun!

Carroll said...

Excellent post!

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Good post! I had fun shopping with y'all and I wasn't TOOO tired:) I'm pretty sure that no one will get cards from us this year, I just have to make other things priority.