Monday, August 25, 2008

so many projects, so little time

Many years ago, a friend gave me some cassette tapes (SEE, I told you it was MANY years ago!) of lectures called "The Artist's Way". A lot of it was the typical new age junk, but she did make some very interesting observations. One of them was the principle that as a person explores and develops one area of creativity, then other areas will start to blossom or develop interest. And in my own life, I find that to be true.

Thanks to my Granny Rea, I've always been interested in quilting. As a child I was always interested in learning to draw, but never had the opportunity to learn. Years later an artist friend of mine challenged me to go for it, saying "Anyone can learn to draw the basics." That was all the encouragement I needed (besides Bobby, agreeing to let me take a class and only do maintenance housework during the time). I found that as I learned more about one aspect of art, then my quilt ideas starting growing like crazy, and my interest in all types of art became piqued.

And unfortunately, it's happened again. While in the mountains, I saw all these beautiful carvings and sculptures, and a seed was planted in the back of my mind. Meanwhile, I'm trying to finish up a quilt I started several years ago so I can start another one (no, not one in my stash that I've already planned...a new one!), and I also have several art projects I need to start/finish, and yet my mind keeps being drawn to wood and carving knives and designs. I've even go so far as to research it some on the internet. Seratoma Arts Center in Raleigh does offer an introductory wood carving class fall, but it's during my working hours. :O( So my brain is telling me to be patient, tackle the many on-going projects I have, and THEN I can see about starting something new.

In the meantime, dear hubby has informed me that even though I haven't finished putting up all the apples yet, the pears are ready to be picked and the grapes have started ripening. Maybe I should just quit my paying job so I can get everything done. Pears, anyone?

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Jennifer said...

I knew you had grapes, but I didn't know you had pears and apples!