Sunday, August 24, 2008

a fun weekend

Besides the normal Sat work of peeling apples and shelling peas, I did something fun yesterday! A group of CBC ladies met at the NC Museum of Art, and had a blast browsing through 2.5 exhibits before lunch. (sorry we had to cut your favorite part short, Betty!). It was great just being able to look and examine and discuss artwork with other ladies who were truly interested. (It was also great to be there because I wanted to be and not because a class dictated it!)
And hopefully, all our brainstorms of craft days or work days will come to fruition and we can actually work together every once in a while. How cool would that be?
So thanks Anita and Betty for taking the initiative for planning a wonderful morning!


Jennifer said...

I am glad you could go. I would have been yawning the entire time. How many got to go?

Monica said...

there were six of us...and a few who couldn't make it

sara's art house said...

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. When I think of art museums, I think it is all going to be like the European stuff :) But there was FUN stuff too! (interesting how we all have different views on what is fun!)