Friday, August 22, 2008


My high school mascot was the Blue Devils, and like most small southern towns, football reigned. The team was supposed to be exempt from the next to the last period of the day on Friday so they could go to the locker room and either rest or watch clips to help them prepare for the big game. I'll refrain from sharing my past and present thoughts on that subject.

One of our two main rivals was the Dora Bulldogs, located on the other side of the Warrior River. Games were always exciting; bus rides home (for away games) always required a police escort away from the stadium and windows up at all times (and yes, we were pelleted with rocks on more than occasion).

For some reason, the CHS band and Dora's band had an on-going tradition of making various signs to hold up at each other throughout the game. Dora's signs always had some reference to the "river rats" (us), and they always spelled their name DAWGS. We retaliated that year. Gone were the little nice signs. Instead, we had:
We might be rats, be at least we know how to spell!
Here, puppies, here! Come and get your bones!
as well as all the traditional signs. We even had chants to go with the last one. (Weren't we nice?) Come to think of it, that was the year we had rocks thrown at the band bus.
So imagine my horror when I walked into WCA the first day of school and saw a cheerleader in uniform with DAWGS spelled out across her chest. I don't know if the cringe and horror showed on my face or not, but I sure felt it! Tonight the season starts, and I'll be there with Bobby, wearing blue for the Bulldogs, but one thing is certain: I WON'T be caught dead sporting a DAWGS shirt.

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Jennifer said...

what i hate is chick fil a spelling eat more "chickn" or however those cows spell it. I think "no wonder Joshua has a hard time spelling!!!"