Tuesday, August 26, 2008

critique of dnc night one

Nancy Pelosi - She is not a public speaker. She might do well at keeping the House in order, but she does not deliver well. She looked nice in a very feminine, white pantsuit, and her demeanour was actually pleasant for a change, but her frantic grasps at the podium as she turned side to side (trying to read the teleprompters perhaps?) was quite distracting from her message. She didn't receive a warm welcome from the crowd, and her excessive stereotyping of Dems and Republicans didn't sit too well with me, either.
Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg - Vivaciously detached, as always, yet a gifted speaker. The crowd seemed to love her, though in my opinion she didn't say anything noteworthy.
the Republican Senator - Um, what kind of fallout did you have with John McCain? Other than obviously being anti-war, he applauded the Republicans up until the current administration, then did a 180 and verbally shredded them while applauding Obama. Even if O does win the election, does he really think his fellow Repubs in the Senate are going to cooperate with him on anything when he returns? I think he may have given the perfect example of a person burning his bridges BEFORE he crosses them.
Chris Robinson - Barack Obama's brother-in-law is a VERY gifted speaker. He clearly enjoyed introducing his little sister, and all the family anecdotes made the family seem like someone next door. The video prior to his speech was very well done, and I especially enjoyed hearing the story of Barack and Michelle's first meeting, first date, and his first introduction to her family.
Michelle Obama - The woman hit a homerun last night with her speech. For a while I wondered if she was ever going to talk about Obama and his bid for presidency (the first 60% was about her family, then her first ten years of marriage to Barack), but when she did, it all tied together perfectly. I think she connected with every blue collar worker, and every mother and grandmother with her speech. One of her more outstanding statements (from my memory, not directly): There is America as it should be. Then there is America as it is. Our goal should be focusing on the gap between the two and making it go away. I most appreciated her sharing about her Dad, and his struggle to provide for the family while fighting MS. If her husband shares even half her sentiments and thoughts on work and opportunity as she claims, then his taxing of the wealthy does not also include free handouts to the poor. My favorite moment...when he came in via satellite to tell the girls goodnight and briefly address the convention and the youngest daughter kept peppering him with questions. I think she took him by surprise a couple of times.
My question of the night: If Michelle Obama is 6'6" as I understood, then just how tall is Barack Obama?

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mrs.pabody said...

Michelle O. is 5' 11" (wiki), and Barry is 6' 1.5" (imdb).
She must have been wearing quite a pair of heels!!! :)
Love all your comments. You are a super-woman!