Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Parade of the Downtrodden

I can't include speakers names from night 2 of the DNC as I was unsuccessfully attempting to can grape juice while it was on, so I can only highlight what I heard.

Not to belittle their circumstances, but the vast majority of speakers in last night's DNC were the down and outs - those who have faced tough situations and are making themselves out to be victims of the government. And of course, by government, they mean the President and his political party. It obviously cannot be the fault of the Democratic Party who controls Congress, or themselves, or just part of life.

Repetitive themes seemed to be "abandon foreign oil" and in so doing, help "solve global warming." I'm all for abandoning foreign oil. I don't think we have any business importing things that we are capable of providing for ourselves. I'm also in favor of us developing more fuel efficient vehicles. But the reality remains that those two things in and of themselves are not going to solve global warming.

Standards of living were mentioned on more than one occasion. We are guaranteed "the pursuit of happiness" NOT happiness itself. I truly feel for people who have had their homes foreclosed on them. There are many of them who had no control over the situation. But the truth remains that there are many more who DID have control of the situation and placed themselves within it. For example, a couple who were giddy over getting the loan for their dream home AFTER the bank told them it was way out of their price range and they could not afford it. Three years later, they are moving to avoid foreclosure. Scenario number two: Durham Rescue Mission last year when WCA students distributed school supplies to low income families. They were shocked at how rude and unappreciative many of the families were. The kids would show up with name brand clothes and shoes, then gripe because they didn't like the color of their bookbag. And example number three: the Mom who had to choose between a birthday party for her child and paying the electric bill. She chose the birthday party, then griped about how society had failed her on the news. I think it's time Americans learned to live within their means, and had some lessons in the difference between needs and wants.

Compassionate conservatives are the ones who abandoned the people both before Hurricane Katrina and after it hit. HELLO?! What rock have you been hiding under?! I can't say much about BEFORE Hurricane Katrina, but I do know that Samaritan's Purse and the NC Baptist Men were there and committed to Hurricane Katrina and the rest of the Gulf Coast for at least a year of Katrina hit. We gave and raised money in record numbers, helped provide them with places to live all across America and furnished their new homes, and I fail to see how any of those things constitute abandonment.

And last, but most certainly not least: THANK YOU HILARY CLINTON! Prior to last night's speech, I would have classified myself as 65% McCain and 35% Obama. While my views of McCain have not changed, Obama has now been relegated to 4%. Your 100% staunch endorsement of Barack Obama because he is totally for women's rights (a.k.a. pro-choice) and gay rights informs me that he is anti-religious rights. You reminded me that he will be a candidate who will have absolutely no problem using my tax dollars to pay for a third-term abortion and will continue to fight for that to remain legal, that he will support Supreme Court Justices who are as liberal as he is, and that he will continue the current trend of persecuting anyone who believes the Biblical teaching that homosexuality is a sin (homophobic, requiring "training" and education as CA now has it). In short, you reminded me that in your view I am a second-class American whose right to practice my religious beliefs does not register anywhere in your radar, not does it fit into your party's agenda in any form or fashion. I also do not believe that the only way to protect America's future and salvage our nation and its dreams is to elect a President who holds dearly to such ideals, no matter how much HC claims it to be so. Furthermore, while I appreciate many of the things the Democratic party has done, the Democratic party is not the Saviour of America as you seem to think. Thanks to you and your liberal cronies, I would easily recommend you change your name to the Socialist Party of America. I've lived in China with their national health care, and quite frankly, Hil, it's not worth the hot air with which you proclaim such a thing as a wonderful.

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