Thursday, August 28, 2008

the amens and oh me's!

For those of you tired of my political blabbering, this is my last commentary on the DNC. Yes, I do plan to listen tonight, but I most likely won't comment on what is said. So on to the self-righteous preaching of night #3:

the Amens:
  • Steven Spielberg's film on the sacrifice of veterans - as tastefully done as such a subject can be
  • John Kerry's comments on how the flag is a symbol for our nation and belongs to all Americans, not just people of a certain party or ideology
  • Bill Clinton's comments on how John McCain does love this country as much as the Democrats do; he just embraces the "extreme philosophy of his party". Finally some sound reasoning from this convention and not just more of the you're either a Democratic or an idiot tripe.

the Oh Me!s:

  • "The American dream is under siege at home." (Clinton) Yep, my dream of practicing my religion freely without persecution is most definitely falling under siege: Government sponsored/mandated: The required teaching of evolution in school, sex ed, character education which includes the promotion of homosexuality, tax sponsored abortions and euthanasia, etc.
  • "Barack Obama has a clear grasp of foreign policy...will build our military" (Clinton) Um, isn't Obama the one who has consistently voted against our military, both in funding and support? Isn't he the candidate who recently went to Iraq and Afghanistan to visit with military leaders and snubbed the very soldiers who wanted his autograph and saluted him?!?
  • Barack Obama will bring about a "renewal of the battle against HIV." (Clinton) You mean the battle that the REAGAN administration started, and Clinton AND current President Bush have undermined? I know it's shocking, but I truly think the numbers declined at the beginning of the Clinton presidency because a whole generation of us entered college (where HIV is often spread) after having Nancy Reagan's "just so no" campaign on drugs and the Reagan administration's HIV class in school which CLEARLY STATED ABSTINENCE AND A MONOGAMOUS RELATIONSHIP ARE THE ONLY GUARANTEE OF PREVENTING HIV FROM SPREADING VIA RELATIONSHIPS. Funny how the drug rate and HIV rate went up during Clinton's second term. Interesting how after Pres Bush appointed a practicing homosexual to head up the AIDs awareness program his first term in office that the office was pronounced "ineffective" in stopping the rise of HIV in America during his second term. And now we are to boldly believe that Obama is going to take up the battle of HIV when he so boldly supports the advancement of homosexuality. Reality check, anyone?
  • "the example the Republicans have set" (Clinton talking about the sad state of our health care) Yes, Mr. Clinton, our health care system is in desperate need of repair. Yet I remember being without health care in college, during your administration, and having to babysit and work a few extra jobs before I could afford to get my broken foot examined.
  • McCain's record toward American veterans (Chet Edwards, TX). Sadly, while McCain himself was a POW and has a valiant record and also has two sons in the military, one currently serving in Iraq, I'm said to admit that numerous stories about of how he refused to support bills in Congress that would help fund our VA hospitals, help families find their missing loved ones in Vietnam, are issues that he does need to explain and address. Sadly, these stories are one of the few issues why many Repubs have been so hesitant to embrace him as the candidate of our choice.

and I crashed before Biden's speech, which all the media was proclaiming as a "punch" to John McCain this morning. So that wraps up my DNC opinions.

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Jennifer said...

I'm dying to hear your comments on John McCain's choice!