Friday, August 29, 2008

the women of today

When I first moved to NC, Bobby informed me there were two women at church I would have to watch out for. One was five years old, and she thought Mr. Bobby was hers. I settled her distress at there being another "girlfriend" in his life by asking her to help with the wedding. The other woman was a little trickier. She was much older, considered herself the ultimate authority that mattered, and her closest friends called her by her childhood nickname of "Dick." Her first name was Gertrude (also known as Gertie). Somehow I couldn't even imagine calling her any of those names, so I simply settled on Mrs. Mullen. I tried to stay out of the way as she hobbled toward his chair to hang on as they exited the slightly steep ramp at church, and I cringed inside with every struggle her arthritic body faced, knowing one day that could be my Mom or perhaps even me. She was demanding, a pessimist, and fiercely loyal to those she loved. We also shared a birthday, which was fine as long as I was willing to cancel any plans we had not to miss HER party. Tonight I'll sadly perform the last favor for her...I'll play her favorite hymns at her funeral. Her granddaughter, whom she raised, is about my age and commented yesterday that she could picture her running in heaven. That startled me for a minute, but she's right. I had thought about the fact she is in no more pain; no more despair and feelings of uselessness, but it hadn't crossed my mind that her body is now new and whole. But probably sometime this weekend I'll eat both ice cream and a hot dog in memory of Bobby's old feisty girlfriend.

And on the upswing of life's roller coaster, I was TOTALLY shocked, curious, and EXCITED at McCain's choice of a running mate. So far I like everything I've read, and I have a feeling this race is truly only just beginning. I dread working the polls on election day, but I am truly excited for our country. As long as she doesn't shoot her hunting partners like Cheney did, I think she'll do well.


sara's art house said...

My isn't Bobby the ladies man :)

I find McCain's choice interesting too- my question is- how will she find the time to run the country with 5 kids at home (well I guess one is in Iraq, so maybe there are 4 at home??)

kptc4 said...

I to am excited about Sarah Palin...she is a born again Christain....and she is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in......she is an amazing lady