Monday, March 20, 2017

it made me smile

The ladies in our church do a Bible/book study from time to time. Usually we read 2-3 chapters, or half a book, before meeting to discuss it. This time we're actually doing a Bible study called Life Principles from Women of the Bible. I took the book with me this past week thinking I'd have time to do a little while I was in Alabama for Mom's heart procedure. Mom saw it on the table, and wanted to know all about it. The next morning when I came out to make breakfast, she was working through lesson one. She had also read the introduction of the authors, and made a comment of how strange it was that all three were men. At one point she flipped through the book and saw a quote I had written in the back from our teacher. Last night as I was working on a lesson, I felt a sheet of paper that I didn't remember being in there:
It made me laugh. And I thought it was neat that Mom was leaving Bible verses for me. I'm almost tempted to purchase her a copy so she can work through it as well.

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