Thursday, February 16, 2017

television project

Back in January I posted about a project I had started - one of those crazy pinterest ideas. And today I finally finished it. It's very different from what I imagined (the final product is Plan D or E...I forget which).

the original tv

Spray painting the boards. Yes, I locked myself into the dog kennel to do it. Way easier to lock up the boards until they dried than the dogs. Neither the dogs nor the chickens were happy about it.

The final product. My original plan had been to have the bottom shelf as a hidden drawer that could be removed, but that didn't work for so many reasons. And then my measurements kept being wrong, so I ended up piecing the bottom board to make it work. It shows up worse with the flash than it does sitting in the living room. It's actually not too noticeable that way.

and I cheated on the back and used foam core. I couldn't find the type of board in the price range I was wanting, but it works.
Would I do this again? For this particular television, yes. But I would not pick up one for free and do it. It's not worth the time and expense of the supplies, nor do I have all the skills I need to accurately build something. Had I given this job to my nephew-in-law, I bet he could have found a way to make my original idea work. And who knows? Maybe one day I'll give it to him and ask him to do exactly that!

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