Friday, February 17, 2017

a nice surprise

Back when the elementary school was in the planning/permit stage, one of the things Bobby brought up was the fact we have a pond and the school was not planning to put up a fence. The town of Garner was also requesting a public walkway, which was going to be on the border of our property. I've lived here long enough to know that people think our pond is public property, even though the public doesn't maintain it, nor did they build it. And we're not the least bit interested in stocking the pond for the public nor having it drained because a child who couldn't swim wandered into it. So Bobby requested a fence, which I thought was a wise move. But I would have gladly said "I want this type of fence" and presented some options and gladly paid the difference between what the school was offering and something nicer. But not everyone thinks alike. As a result, we were told the most economical thing was a chain link fence, and for almost a year that was what I thought we were getting. So imagine my surprise when my husband told me this was what the contractors were going to put up, and they did within a week or two:

They started at the pond side. Didn't go as far back as I would have preferred, but we can plant shrubbery there to keep people out. 

and I lost a crepe was too far over on the school's side. I'd have gladly dug it up had I known.

But I'm really pleased with the end result. I feel like I have my yard back. I can work in the garden or clean out the hen house without feeling like I'm being watched.

They trimmed some of my trees that were right on the line. Not sure how they'll thrive, but time will tell.

The property line is actually the end of the chicken pen. We wondered what they would do, and they just moved the fence a few inches over. I guess I'll have to round up that spot as there is no way I can weed eat or mow there.

And my garden fence (to keep the chickens out) is just a little inside the property line. I think there's just enough space to run the lawn mower here. The sickening thing is that's just enough space to plant a row of something. I should have waited another year before putting the new one up.
From the back porch or the garage,  it's not all that much privacy. If anyone is in the corner of the yard at the end of the fence, they could see me on the porch (it's the lower part of the valley and our house is up on the hill). The same is true for people at the school. Clearly, if I can see them, they can see me. But either way, I'm still thankful for the fence and that it's not a chain link fence. The chickens are a bit confused by it, but I'm okay with that. :)

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Jennifer said...

the privacy fence looks good. We had to do that when we moved here. a year after we got here the people in the back of us got a pool and I didn't want to see them.