Monday, December 5, 2016


And as if 2016 has not been a whirlwind enough, this month is here and racing by. I want time to slow down.

My camera battery went out over Thanksgiving. I've not only not charged it since I've gotten home, I've also not taken any more pictures.

Good things:
1. We had our first service in our new church building. It was exciting, overwhelming, and amazing.
2. Bobby's nephew helped me get the entertainment center put together.
3. The television is installed, and I think I may have figured out how to make the DVD player work.
4. Almost half of my Christmas decorations are up.

The Bah-Humbug moments:
1. Realizing my family won't have any time to relax or enjoy Christmas time at my house. ("Bob's Bed-n-Breakfast" as my brother-in-law calls it will open once again for a niece's wedding.)
2. Recognizing that with this upcoming birthday, my child-bearing years are almost over.
3. Having our house rattle and shake half the day as work on the road begins in front of our house. They've not tackled our yard yet, but if not this week, definitely next.
4. Praying for my sister and brother-in-law today as they assisted with a memorial service for an 8th grade girl at the charter school where my sister teaches. After a week of searching, the remains of the girl and her Mom were found. My sis came home from an emotionally trying day to find the news revealing autopsy reports and the girl's stepdad being charged. A horrible reminder of how broken our world is.

So tomorrow I hope to finish with the decorating and commence with the cleaning...

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