Thursday, December 8, 2016

a good busy

Well, I still have one more tree to put up. I'm not fighting with our outdoor nativity since our yard is in a state of upheaval (official as of this morning). And then there's the mess/clean-up that comes with dragging things out of closets. And then the official clean-up. I still don't know when my parents are coming for next week-end's wedding. I've about decided it's okay if nothing in the house is clean except the kitchen and their bedroom/bathroom.

I spent the day working on bills, running some errands for tomorrow night's kids' caroling activity, shopping for an elderly friend. My plans for the evening had been to do a little cleaning and laundry, but that quickly changed. Bobby's cousin has been in the hospital for the last week. Tonight his wife, who is also a little person, had a massive heart attack. So their 17 yr old daughter is at the hospital with her boyfriend while her Mom is in cardiac intensive care and her Dad is in a different wing of the hospital with a contagious infection, awaiting discharge to rehab. The 91 yr old aunt is currently home alone. There's a lot of backstory and subplots in this scenario. Prayers for wisdom would be appreciated.

Meanwhile, I have 4 roosters I need to rehome. Fried chicken anyone?

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