Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Saw a lot of postings today about damage from tornadoes in AL. I've heard my Dad's voice on the phone, but he didn't have time to talk. I assume all is okay in Walker County.

Had the opportunity to meet with three former co-workers today for lunch. It was neat to catch up and hear all the things (some good, some bad) in their lives. So much has changed since the days we were all working at the same place. While it's neat that life moves on, sometimes I still miss it.

I might have help coming tomorrow night to help with the entertainment center. If not, I might get a little desperate and just start making phone calls. Jobs that require help always make me feel isolated and alone.

Roadwork will likely be moving in front of our house either Friday or the first of next week. A part of me greatly dreads it; a part of me is ready to have it over with. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the possibilities of what our yard is going to look like when it's all finished.

Judges ruled late yesterday that even though the Justice Dept approved our state's voting maps (as required by the Voting Rights Act) before they were enacted, they are racist and can't be used. So now new maps must be drawn and approved AGAIN, and a new primary and general election must be held yesterday. Can't imagine those races will have big turn-outs or they'll use trainers and workers as much for this small of an election. I am now, more than ever, of the opinion that judges and legislatures who make rules concerning elections should have to work as a poll worker or board election official for four consecutive elections, including local elections, before they are allowed to make any decisions about the process.

1.5 weeks before my family comes, and this is house is SO not ready!!

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