Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Today has been one of those days when the gratitude attitude has been constantly slipping out of my grasp. With the weather front moving through (thankful for the few tiny raindrops we've had), I've had a bad headache. Not a full fledge migraine, but one of those I've taken meds 4x today and then loaded on caffeine before it finally went to sleep. (And yes, I tried resting before I tried caffeine, but when the house is shaking with the blasting and road work going on outside, that doesn't exactly work.)

We've also been waffling all year on whether or not to get a new tv. The one we have in our living room is the one my parents bought when I was in middle school. And it still works. But it's to the point I'm having a difficult time finding cords to replace for the DVD player (that actually attaches to our television). The sound was a little crazy on it for about a month. The day I decided it was okay to replace it...the problem corrected itself. No joke. And it would be nice to have a really clear screen. But then my inner child whispers "But this one still works." Why would we replace a tv that works?
But last night, we did. We went to look at the televisions still being offered at Black Friday prices, found one that was at a discount because someone had returned it, and got an entertainment stand for it to sit on. And today I was going to get everything out and ready. Except by the time I got home from a dr's appt and errands, I spent AN HOUR unpacking the pieces for the entertainment center. I should have known when I saw the letter P that I was not going to be able to do this one by myself. But silly my persisted. We took a supper break after hour 2. At nearing hour 3, the piece I had been exasperating myself with screwing in to another part fell off. As in, 3/4 of the screws I had in place simply pulled out. I cried. And I'm hoping Bobby's nephew will be able to come tomorrow night and help me put it together so we can reclaim the construction zone that is now our living room. I'll even miss church to do it if it means I can have my house back.

And the Christmas reading my Mom wanted to be mailed out today? I'm still not finished with it. I'm not even sure she knows what she wants.

So life is good, my health is good, we're adjusting hubby's meds again, I'm already behind on my cleaning/decorating schedule (my family comes for another wedding in 2 weeks), and I should be the most grateful person on earth. Except that I'm a sometimes grateful person with a good bit of grumpiness thrown in. Not exactly the gratitude attitude I think God wants, but that's where I am today.

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