Monday, September 26, 2016


The house/farm that is considered "the homeplace" to the Bob Bryan family sold this year. It had been in the family for almost 200 years. Even though the house is obviously not that old, it is the house Bobby's Dad grew up in. The new owner is a developer who is going to tear the house down and put in a subdivision. The large oak trees near the house are going to be left, and there will be a roundabout placed around them. Bobby's siblings got permission from the new owner to go in and remove some of the fireplace bricks, doors, cabinet shelving, and door frames. We might have taken more, except we didn't want to take off all the doors and leave the house totally exposed (and we were all short on time the one morning we did work).

My brother-in-laws graciously took down two door/window frames for me. The one I'm about to show is from "the parlor" or "the sitting room" that Bobby's aunts always talked about but which I never saw until after the death of the last aunt.  One of the things mentioned over and over while we went through the house was the rich heritage this family has received from being taught the truth and Scriptures from childhood up. Deuteronomy 6 comes to mind and was mentioned often while we worked that morning.

I am great about starting projects, but as most of you know, not so good at finishing projects. I was determined that this was a project that would be completed. I'm happy to finally say that one is totally finished and is now hanging over the door in our bedroom.

The second one I've got to re-sand (my first background paint job didn't go so well so it has to be redone). It will hang in our kitchen with a saying my father-in-law often quoted.

It's been a crazy year. And while many of the things I had hoped to do this year aren't happening, I am getting a lot of things finished!

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