Friday, September 23, 2016

Bryan Rd Elementary School

One evening last week we took a walk down the closed part of Bryan Rd to look at the school and all the developments. Even with the closed signs up in the road, we still had to dodge quite a few vehicles.

I'm not sure what all the drilled holes in the road are for...testing for rock? Prepping to remove this section of the road? Supersonic sized moles? They go down quite a ways and are spaced along regular intervals from where the school drive will begin to a ways past Mr. Goodrich's driveway.
The view from view from the road (as opposed to the shots from our yard).
"The mountain" (it's what we call the huge mounds of dirt they created at the end of the Elem. Sch section of property) seems a little smaller these days - maybe because it has grass, maybe because part of it is gone, or maybe we've just gotten used to it.
Fire hydrants! And there's more to come. :) But I don't know why they're yellow, unless they just wanted a cheerful color.
The view from Mr. Goodrich's house...quite a different look!
One of the fence posts from the days the property was farmed by the Bryans. Hard to believe these 50+ old posts are still in good shape. Some of them still have the barbed wire attached.  
Rock piles (middle left) are still showing up everywhere. This is near where the gated entrance was by the Stancil place.
One of the many trees being hauled out. This one was as high as my waist.
The view look back towards our house (not visible) from near Ackerman Rd.
My camera doesn't capture night shots very well. It was nowhere near this dark. The light at the bottom was one of the security lights from the building (all 3 floors are now wired), and the light in the top was immediately above the building and was just a sliver of light protruding from the clouds. By the time we got home the moon had fully emerged from behind the clouds. I wish I had a better shot. It was truly neat and beautiful, especially the way it was positioned over the school.
Judging by delivery trucks, I'd say more walls and windows are going up this week.

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